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Suspicious Activity Report RuleMap™

Here is an example of a RuleMap for suspicious bank transactions, namely suspicious money transfers. These types of transactions led to the resignation of N.Y. Governor Eliot Spitzer in 2009. The figure below is a RedFlagRulez RuleMap. Below that is a description of the business rule logic.

Rule Logic

  Submit Suspicious Activity Report
rule 1
IF Suspicious Activity is detected
AND Transaction Amount is for $2,000 or more.
  Suspicious Activity is detected
rule 2

IF The reporting business knows of no reasonable explanation for the transaction after examining all available facts
AND The Transaction serves no business (purpose) or apparent lawful purpose.

rule 3
IF Transaction is intended or conducted in order to hide or disguise funds or assets derived from illegal activity.
rule 4
IF Transaction Involves use of the MSB to facilitate criminal activity.
rule 5
IF Transaction involves funds derived from illegal activity.
rule 6
IF Transaction is designed to evade the requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act through structuring or other means.

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