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BIZRULES® RuleMap Examples and Videos






Rule Modeling & Simulation RuleMap If/Then/Else & And/Or RuleMap RuleMap Flash  
Decision Tree & DAG RuleMap Decision Tree vs. Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)  RuleMap  Flash   
Costco Rulebook The secret to Costco's success is two simple strategy rules RuleMap
FTC Red Flags Rules
Federal Trade Commission FACTA Red Flags Rules
What are the Red Flags Rules?
RuleMap Flash
Expertise Blueprint Interactive Knowledge Map KMap AVI  
BIZRULES® Enterprise Architecture Framework Enterprise Architecture Framework for Simple Strategy Rules RuleMap Flash  
VISION XL™ Rules Demo Business Rules in Excel demo RuleMapXL Flash  
Strategy Rules RuleMap Simple Strategy Rules RuleMap Flash  
Best Buy Case Study RuleMap Best Buy Secret Website Pricing Rules 2007 RuleMap Flash  
Suspicious Money Transfers RuleMap Suspicious Activity Report RuleMap Suspicious bank transactions lead to resignation of N.Y. Governor Eliot Spitzer RuleMap Flash  
Shipping and Receiving RuleMap U.S. mistakenly ships nuclear missile parts to Taiwan 2008 RuleMap    

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