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Do you need to document complexity and make it easy for anyone to understand?

Do you need to know how your experts think, how your business works, or what your business rules are?  Do you need to understand complex problems and quickly determine the best solutions?  Do you need to make smart, profitable decisions?

The BIZRULES  RuleMap is what you've been looking for.

What is a RuleMap?

RuleMap is an interactive model of business rules and critical knowledge. It's a logical model that lets you see how a company thinks and works.  A RuleMap can also be used to simulate the logic behind key business decisions.

A RuleMap documents how the business works and what the business rules are. It can be used to share sound advice throughout a corporation. A good RuleMap helps companies make smart decisions. See some examples.

Who needs a RuleMap?

Businesses and organizations that need to document their business rules for audit and compliance purposes can benefit from RuleMap models.
Companies that program their business rules using Business Rule Engine languages also need RuleMap models.

Companies that want to transform corporate knowledge and business rules into digital assets that can be shared and automated.

Companies that want to prevent dumb mistakes and million dollar mistakes.

Call us to see a demo of how RuleMap models can help you.

Contact us at 214-810-6585 to discuss your situation and how RuleMap can help your business rule efforts.

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