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What are the red flags rules?

RedFlagRulez examples

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Need to comply with the Red Flags Rules?

If your organization needs to comply with FACTA red flag rules, our RedFlagRulez book can help you get started and learn from other companies that have already defined their red flags.

You can use RedFlagRulez as a starting point to define your identify theft business rules. You can also use it to document the red flag rules you need to give IT so they can add them to your IT applications.

Our interactive RedFlagRulez™ book can help

The RedFlagRulez book contains red flags business rules that should be included in every identity theft prevention program. This rulebook uses BIZRULES®  RuleMap software to present an interactive model of red flag rules, patterns, and practices that could indicate identify theft.

See some examples.

Call us to discuss your situation and how we can help

Contact us to discuss your situation and how the RedFlagRulez book can help improve your compliance.


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