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Business rules should be simple. 10SimpleRules are all you need to get started winning customers, ruling the competition, and becoming an industry leader. Check out these examples:


Strategy Rules

Costco Rulebook
The secret to Costco's success is two simple strategy rules.

Titanic Rules

Titanic Rulebook
Three simple rules for Ruling The Ocean Seas.

Rules for restoring trust in business and government

Ten Rules for Wall Street
Confidence in Wall Street has gone down the drain. The financial crisis gave business a bad name, and it gave government a bad name for not doing anything about it. Trust disappeared.

It's time to rebuild trust and confidence in business. 

Here are ten rules for restoring trust in business and government.  

First published in Sept. 2008, these rules apply today more than ever.


Business Rules

10 Rules for Rules
Here are 10 rules for designing good business rules.
(more rules are coming soon)


Need help designing 10SimpleRules for your business?

BIZRULES can help you design your 10SimpleRules.  When you're ready for more complex rules, we'll work with you to architect and engineer your strategy rules, business rules, and expert rules.

Call us at 214-810-6585 to discuss your situation and how BIZRULES can help.


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